WBE 4230

WBE wheel balancers: WBE 4230

Ergonomic all-rounder

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  • Product Information

    • Different static and dynamic balancing options
    • Programmable function keys for targeted and timesaving access to software menus
    • Attachment of concealed weights behind the spokes
    • Space-saving divided wheel cover
    • Foot pedal brake for locking the wheel during weight attachment
    • Easily readable digital display even in bad lighting conditions
    • Optional light and laser ring for lighting the interior of the rim and positioning aid for fitting the balancing weights
    • New external arm for automatic measurement of wheel width
    • New auto detect system for balancing program, clip weight and adhesive weights
    • High capacity weight holder
    • New wheel cover with ergonomic handle
    • Electro magnetic brake to stop the wheel already in the right position
  • Technical Data

    Technical data: WBE 4230  
    Rim diameter 12" – 30"
    Rim width 1" – 21"
    Max. wheel diameter 1,200 mm
    Maximum wheel weight 80 kg
    Balancing speed WBE 4230 (50/60 Hz): 218/262 rpm
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 1,265 x 1,680 x 1,380 mm
    Weight 163 kg
    Color RAL 6018

  • Scope of Delivery

    • Wheel balancer with digital display
    • Membrane keyboard
    • Foot pedal brake
    • Middle centering flange with mechanical quick release nut
    • Electronic scanning arm
    • Cone flange
    • Sample weight
    • Pliers, gauge and mounting pin for clamping devices