Technical Hotline

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Solutions to challenging questions

No matter how skilled workshop personnel may be - one little detail can sometimes be the key to solving repair problems. And customers are only interested in one thing: Getting their vehicles back onto the road as quickly as possible. The Bosch technical hotline can be called on for help with challenging repairs either online, by phone or both.

Bosch technical hotline

  • Information database - the instant answer: Available online 24 hours a day
  • Telephone hotline - immediate assistance
  • Remote diagnosis - with your consent, the hotline consultant can link up directly with your computer or tester via the internet.

In-depth advice

The hotline can provide assistance in the form of expertise and practical knowledge on all brands and makes. Which means: You can guarantee your customers a quick answer to the problem and keep them fully satisfied.

Remote Diagnosis

With the special Remote Diagnosis program the hotline experts can link up directly with your computer or tester through the internet. Online diagnosis speeds up repair work, thus saving time and money. And of course your business has the lasting benefit of the practical knowledge acquired.